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Society's Lies And How We Can Question Authority

by Robbie Dellow
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There are many well-known pearls of wisdom handed down through the generations, that, on closer examination, are more like Society’s Lies. These somewhat deceitful and misguided pieces of advice on how to live, and behave within society, help maintain the fear of the unknown, and maintain the unquestioning trust that authorities or governments need so as to exercise control and rule over the masses.

Below are just a few of the more common ‘pearls of wisdom’ and my comment to the contrary. These are only my viewpoints so feel free to comment or voice your opinions on how you interpret them :

  • Money is the root of all evil.

Money should be seen as just a tool to achieve what you desire. It does not need to be seen as evil if used correctly. It is when one loves money and desires to hoard more and more, that evil can then arise. In Christian tradition, the love of money, or Philarguria, is condemned as a deadly sin.
  • Money can’t buy happiness.

But having financial stress can bring untold misery to yourself and loved ones. This increased worry to make ends meet can quickly manifest into serious health issues. Whilst money can’t necessarily buy happiness it does alleviate some of the day-to-day issues others experience.

  • Hard work pays off.

Whilst there is some truth to this, if it was always true why aren’t all hard working labourers extremely rich? Many a man has worked a lifetime of hard labour only to die destitute. Surely, working smarter will pay off better without breaking your back in the process.

  • Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is static power. Just like the knowledge contained within a filing cabinet or an encyclopedia.  Such knowledge is only powerful when it is used and applied. If knowledge was power then all university professors would rule the world. Don’t become that filing cabinet of facts person that has never utilised their talent in meaningful ways.

  • Good things come to those who wait.

Good things come to those who act. If you want something you have to execute your plan to get it. What is the use in waiting?

  • To be successful you must get on the property ladder.

Sure property is a good investment, but just like any investment it does still come with the inherent risk of a downturn. Also, to buy a home, many will sign up to a lifetime of debt which comes with two worrying negatives – The mortgage you now have means the bank, in effect, owns your house, and has the right to foreclose on it if decides. Also, servicing a debt can mean you are severely restricted if any fantastic investment or business opportunities arise. Sometimes buying a house only achieves the fact that you are now locked into ‘the system.’

  •  To be a successful businessperson you must be really smart.

Many extremely successful people do not exceptionally high IQ’s. What most do have, however, is a vision and an ability to work with smart people to realise that vision. 

  •  If you want to get ahead in life you must obtain a university degree.

Many of the most successful business people are school drop outs or never bothered with formal education, as they saw greater benefit in backing themselves. Sometimes the greatest education you can get is in the field, rather than the classroom. Many a smart businessperson has been a college dropout – think Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren and Bill Gates, to name a few.


All the above quotes have a common theme centred around ensuring people are satisfied with their lives, see a path to prosperity (supposedly), and not questioning of authority. All the well trying to lock the masses into ‘the system’ where the government can exercise control. Society could not function otherwise. Whilst No Rule Book supports respect for authority, it also strongly encourages thinking for oneself, and the questioning of authority and the ways of doing.

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