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If You’re Feeling Nervous About Your First Time Traveling, Then Read This

by Robbie Dellow
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It’s perfectly normal to be feeling nervous about an upcoming adventure. Being nervous shows that you are living. That you are pushing yourself. Being apprehensive shows that you are pushing out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. It gives you a real feeling of living!

It is so easy to live a comfortable life of no change and no risk, wanting for nothing to ‘rock the boat.’ Each day nicely blending into the next. But then one may look back and really have to think hard just to work out where all those days and years have gone. But by having the courage to test your wings and fly away from the comforts you currently have, you will gain a more well-rounded attitude to life and possess such richness others can but dream of.  Sure, pushing yourself from your comfort zone is bound to feel daunting, but there is a big wide world out there waiting. It is patiently waiting to offer you all its wonderful lessons, experiences, and memories, to help you grow. You cannot gain such priceless riches from the comforts of your home whilst watching endless TV or by surfing the internet.

Travel has so much to offer that cannot be bought. Travel, will leave you speechless, but turn you into a storyteller. There is only so much conversation that can be had when gathered around talking about material possessions {yawn}. But life experiences can provide for many a riveting conversation. Be that person that has a wealth of lifelong experiences that you can carry throughout life. Of all the books in the world, the best stories are told between the pages of a passport.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating on one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.
Mark Twain


Big respect must be given that you have the courage to step into the arena of challenging oneself. I take my hat off to the courageous misfits, as I know very well how hard it is. On the many challenges I continue ‘inflicting’ on myself, I still sometimes question why I do it to myself. Why do not I not just take the easy route and live like so many of my friends, who have a predictable safe existence? But I have to be true to myself and what I believe in – I need to be honest to myself. I get as nervous now with any upcoming challenges, as I did with my very first overseas trip. Being nervous is normal. Being nervous is living.

After travelling you can always come back to the life you know. It will still be there in pretty much the same way you left it. Funny story is that, on returning from some of the extended (9+ months) world trips I have done, there have been several different friends ask me ‘I haven’t seen you around here for a few days, Where have you been?‘  Normal life goes on, and questions like this highlight that you will not really miss anything significant. In fact, quite the reverse.

If you think ADVENTURE is dangerous, try routine. IT IS LETHAL.
Paulo Coelho



Always remember to keep challenging yourself. Don’t slip into the safety-net that many do of travelling to the same places year after year, because it’s fun. Let’s be honest here – the people that visit the same holiday spots year-after-year do it because they are scared of the unknown. They are still petrified of having to challenge themselves. They are still terrified of change. They should be using this newfound quest for adventure as a springboard to greater things, but alas some don’t. I guess as long as they are happy, then each for their own. After all we are all different. 

The No Rule Book ebook explains how anybody can push out of their comfort zone to realise the awesome opportunities that are hidden in plain sight. Even if you feel like you are stuck in a rut, with the right attitude and actions, doors can open. No Rule Book shows what people, that seem to have all the luck, actually do to be able to continually tap into life’s opportunities.

        Keep challenging oneself.     Keep learning.     And be nervous!

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