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Stocks and Crypto – No Rules Trading

by Robbie Dellow
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Are you confused with all the recent news about the stock market and crypto trading? It seems like people are making fortunes from this whole new world of business. What is it all about? What is crypto currencies, NFT’s, and stocks? How can I possibly understand all the lingo, and the graphs that go with this strange market? What does it all mean for me, and what does the future hold?

The Rules for Trading have tilted, finally giving individuals the power and opportunity to compete on a more level playing field, with established corporate investment firms.

Information, tools, instruments and information, that were previously reserved for Wall Street traders and corporate fund managers, are now at the fingertips of people that are willing to take calculated risks.

With the ease of global communications, ideas and information can now be exchanged in real-time, to seize opportunities that might otherwise be stymied by established rules and traditional beliefs and ways of doing.

I am currently completing a very detailed (100+ pages) ebook titled  No Rules Trading. This ebook will be available to purchase from this website very soon. It will answer all the above pertinent questions, and also explain all things stock and crypto-currency trading, including how to start, reading charts, understanding the news and numbers, modern trading methods and tools available.

This previously near-secretive opportunity of investing is available to anyone. But the key to entering anything new in is education.  One must understand core principles and ways-of doing, to help sway the chances of a good result in your favour. To do otherwise is akin to gambling. 

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