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Starting a company with ZERO expertise

by Robbie Dellow
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It can be done … Or so I told myself when I set myself the challenge of starting a business in an industry that I had absolutely zero expertise in.

My career has been in varied IT roles, which have included working with various computer hardware and software, spanning the last few decades. So when I decided to give myself the wild challenge of starting a company from scratch, in an area I knew absolutely nothing about, many of my friend’s baulked at the idea and called me crazy. Many said it couldn’t be done.

This ‘off-the-wall’ challenge came about because I felt the need to bring as much credibility as I could to NoRuleBook. I had to ‘Walk the Walk.’ I have achieved Big Hairy Audacious Goals with my Personal Challenge Goal (Appalachian Trail Hike), and my Big Lifetime Goal (visit 100 countries), so thought it fitting to set an outlandish goal in the area of business. So what better than an IT guy starting a beauty company. Not only is it a female-dominated industry (as opposed to the male-dominated IT industry), but creating skincare products, and the workings of the industry, were as foreign to me as the Swahili language.

After a very steep learning curve, I began to grasp what all the different pieces of the puzzle I would need to make this new beauty company, Forbidden Beauty  happen. My step-by-step journey, and full details of what is involved in starting up any e-commerce company are in the No Rules Startup ebook, available for purchase. This book even delves into the personality traits one needs, all the techie gobbledygook explained in simply terms, and also revealing where to get help to make things even easier. Needless to say, even though it was a totally new industry for me, the process involved was remarkably similar to any other online company, in any industry, one may choose to start up.

If you are trying to create a company, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have all the ingredients in the right proportion.
Elon Musk

The opportunities available to start the company of your dreams has never been better. There is so much global assistance at one’s fingertips, to make the near-impossible, not only possible, but hugely successful. Never in history have we had such a defining occasion whereby starting a small business can give you instant global reach. The upward trend of online purchasing attests to the increased confidence and awareness the public now have with e-commerce, and usage has massively  increased over these recent Covid times.  To take advantage of the opportunities, a budding entrepreneur has to have is inner belief, a willingness to learn, and the right attitude. The rest is largely procedural.  

I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.
Steve Jobs

Many of the biggest companies in the world started with a crazy dream, that was backed by a founder’s huge audacious vision that something amazing could happen. But from this dream, a business founder makes this it all a reality, by action. Nothing ever happens without the courage to step inside the arena, breaking away from the chains of safety. Along the journey, you may need to dig deep and prod your inner-self. It isn’t easy to start your own business. If it was, everyone would be doing it. 

One of your first actions may be by purchasing the No Rules StartUp book. This ebook has been meticulously researched and created to help explain, in an easy to understand format, all you need to know to start you very own business or side hustle. I can promise the book will contain information and insights that have the potential to set you on course for wealth and freedom that many can only dream of. 

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