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Across the world to find MY freedom

by Lisa Brown
Linda jumping across the world

Four years ago I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and travel across the world.

Sure, at the time, I was scared, nervous and apprehensive. This move was going to be a huge upheaval from the only life I had ever known. But the ‘comfortable’ life I had, in my native Germany, was wearing me down. 

I was quite unhappy, having been in toxic family structures, toxic relationships, friendships and a workplace which was draining my passion for life itself.

Now, looking back, I am so proud of myself for having found the courage to pack only my most important belonging in, and leave all the people I love, never knowing when I would return.

I’ve been travelling for over 4 years now. I started at the end of January and I initially planned only to be away on a working holiday visa for 1 year in Australia. 

One year became two years. Three years later and now it’s my forth year, but I now have actually finally ‘settled down.’

These four years went something like this :

Germany to Vietnam -> Australia -> Singapore -> Germany -> Australia -> Japan -> Germany -> England -> Canada -> Germany -> Taiwan -> New Zealand.

I started travelling only with a bit of savings. I was scared…scared to get in a dangerous situation far away from home – from my secure network (or so I believed). I was scared that I could not find quick enough jobs, that I would run out of money, that I would meet dodgy people, that I would lose track. I was concerned about my mental health because I have suffered already since I was a teenager from depression.

Some of the things happened but I realised they were actually not as scary as I created them in my mind. And I learned to deal with difficult situations. I learned to take risks – calculated risks, and to realise that taking these risks helps me grow. I learned to find my way, to help myself, to accept help from strangers, to create new friendships with people from all over the world and I became stronger than I have ever been. I learned to trust myself and finally also to love myself. And I know deep inside of me, that I will never gonna lose that again.

I’m 29 years old, and in 1-1/2 months I’m gonna turn 30. I’m actually excited because people keep telling me that the 30’s are the best years of life. And I kinda believe it…because when I look back at my 20’s I keep realising that they were also exciting but there were also lots of ups and downs. I think I used the 20’s to “find my true self”…to start learning to love myself.

And here I am, nearly 30 and I think I got very close to the point to have found myself. To be able to advocate for myself, to set healthy boundaries, to know where I wanna live for the next few years. I had to travel around the whole world to find the place I finally can call home – New Zealand, Nelson.

During my time travelling across the world I learned to listen more to my gut feeling, to leave toxic situations quicker. It was always easy, because I could just put all my stuff back in my backpack and leave. This was the first time I felt FREEDOM.

Thanks to all the people who entered my life in the last 4 years and enriched my life and who I learned so much from. And thanks also to myself.

Everyone can quit the life that he or she had for years…the cosy but also kinda prisoned comfort zone. You just have to have a dream and out of a dream becomes a vision, then a plan and finally an action. 

You can quit your job, flat, say goodbye to lovers, friends, and family. 

You can pack your belongings in just a 60L Backpack 


You can walk away…to new adventures.

Don’t wait too long, just do it! 

Life is about taking risks. Calculated risks. Because with taking risks there is always the opportunity to win. Believe in yourself.

Lots of Love and strengths – I believe in you, your Lisa

Ps: I came 3 times back to Germany because my grandfather actually became pretty sick. After the 3rd time he told me :

“Lisa don’t come back for me anymore, keep travelling – maybe stay in New Zealand if you like it and go/find your own way.” 

Not easy to hear at the time. But I can clearly understand what he meant now with these wise words.



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I’m actually doing it! Gazing out over the Singapore skyline, a long way from home.



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Soaking up the tranquility in Tongariro National Park – New Zealand



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